8 Best Self-Care Tips To Breathe New Life Into Your ‘SELF’


In life everything falls under two categories - One is ‘Necessity’ and the other is ‘Luxury’.

Vital things such as food, clothing, and shelter fall under the Necessity category and are inevitable.

Anything that is not necessary and can be done away with is termed as a Luxury.

However, there are certain things in life which do not fall under either of the two categories but still remains important. One among such things is Self-Care.

‘Self-care’ is something which neither appears a necessity nor a luxury but becomes mandatory throughout life.

However, when we fail to take care of ourselves (Self-care), it becomes a necessity soon.

Among the many things we tend to ignore in our busy schedule self-care is also one.

Most of us lead such a mechanical lifestyle that the competitive environment we live in swallows us every passing second.

This deprives us of the time factor which is the main requisite to take care of oneself.

Let alone self-care, in the hustle and bustle of modern life, it can be difficult to even breathe peacefully.

So, taking care of yourself can be really challenging.

But neglecting self-care can actually make things worse down the road and results in bigger problems.

Take the time today to love yourself. You deserve it.

- Avina Celeste

What is Self-care?

What Is Self-Care

SELF-CARE is an act you do for yourself to stay happier and healthier.

It can be anything from something small like reaping the benefits of water by drinking water regularly or going for walk to something big like going on a vacation.

Adding self-care to your daily regimen will reduce stress, boosts energy, increases productivity and restores health.

Altogether, self-care nourishes your mind, body, and soul thereby improving your overall well-being.

However, focusing on oneself demands very high levels of determination and sincere efforts.

Remember, only if you are healthy you can take care of the people around you.

If you don’t care for yourself, how can you care for others?

Easy Self-care Ideas

Let us focus on some areas which we intentionally or otherwise ignore in our day to day life depriving our ‘self’ of good health.

Here are some of the simple yet important Self-Care Tips which must be practised regularly for a happier and healthier you:

1. Friendship is Priceless

Self-Care Tips - Friendship Is Priceless

Most of us tend to hold on to ourselves even during tough times that demand external help.

Our inner self is so delicate that it constantly searches for appreciations and consolations from relationships.

Friendship is one of those aspects of life that comforts a deprived inner self to the maximum possible extent.

Keep in touch with friends who have no hidden agendas in the relationship they share with you.

Talk to them as frequently as possible.

True friends are like precious gems that add immense value to the ornaments they adorn.

Their relationship adds positive energy to our ‘Self’ at all stages of our life.

Travel with them. Go for shopping. Talk and share the negative aspect that’s bothering your inner self. Ask them for guidance.

Tell them to correct you, if they feel the real issue for your ‘Self’ is ‘You’.

Our inner self accepts only those things which are spoken or done by people close to us.

True friends are the ones whose words and actions yield positive results to the required levels.

Interacting with true friends who exhibit selfless love can rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul to a great extent.

Thus, helping you to lead a happy and peaceful life.

2. Avoid being a Doormat

Self-Care Tips - Avoid Being A Doormat

How many times have we felt annoyed over our own behaviour during a given situation?

We behave in certain ways in order to please others or at least not to hurt people around.

However, during the process, we tend to sacrifice so many things one among them being our own ‘Self’.

Our ‘Self’ has its own preferences and opinions about almost every aspect of life.

It has its own reservations against some people and situations.

When we keep yielding to the desires and requirements of others ignoring the requirements of our ‘Self’, it tends to suffer inherently.

When this suffering and the frustration exceeds manageable limits, the ‘Self’ loses control.

It starts seeking refuge externally which, in turn, increases its vulnerability by multi-fold levels.

Avoid being a doormat.

Learn to respect your ‘Self’.

Take time to understand what you really want.

Decide how you will behave in any given situation and do not do everything to satisfy others.

If at any point of time you feel you are being treated like a doormat, refuse to budge further.

Pull yourself out of the situation.

Heed to the requirement of your inner ‘Self’.

Remember, this is one of the important self-care tips that need to be implemented with utmost willingness.

3. You are Important

Self-Care Ideas - You Are Important

The term ‘Selfish’ is usually considered a negative one.

However, when it comes to taking care of ‘Self’, the word ‘Selfish’ takes a different meaning altogether.

As human beings, we tend to focus much on the relationships around us all the time than our own self.

This is assumed as an acceptable and natural phenomenon by all.

Hence, when we spend time for ourselves, we are termed ‘Selfish’.

In reality, only when we are hale and healthy - physically, mentally and emotionally, we can take care of people around us in the best possible way.

This means taking care of self is not ‘Selfish’ in the real sense of the word.

It is rather a pointer to the high levels of prudence one exhibits. 

Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.

- Eleanor Brownn

Understand, you too are human.

You are important. You are unique.

You have your own strengths and desires.

Satisfy the ‘Self’ making it exhibit its gratitude in terms of personal development options it would offer to you subsequently.

This is because personal development is directly proportionate to the satisfaction levels of your ‘Self’.

4. Streamline your Thoughts

Self-Care Tips - Streamline Your Thoughts

One of the best ways to pump fresh air into your life is by streamlining your thought-process.

Negative thoughts yield negative results and positive thoughts yield positive results.

When you want to enjoy positive health in terms of the physical, mental and emotional aspects, your thought-process must be Positive.

Your thoughts must lead you towards your goals and desires.

Watch your thought-process at all points of time.

Ensure that they do not sadden you making you feel depressed.

Focus on what you want your ‘Self’ to achieve.

Monitor your thought-process for any negativity.

Avoid all such thoughts that force you to do things against your will.

Understand what you really want to do.

Focus on how you want to handle things streamlining your thought-process accordingly.

This might appear to be a tough self-care idea when looked at from the surface.

However, when it comes to transformation, this idea will take you a long way in terms of self-development. 

5. You are your Best Friend

Self-Care Ideas - You Are Your Best Friend

Who else knows you better than yourself?

​Is there anyone who knows about the small and big secrets you know about yourself?

If the answer is a strong ‘No’, then you are your best friend.

With whom do we talk much and for long hours in life?

If the answer to this question is someone else, it is a clear pointer to the high levels of negligence that your ‘Self’ experiences.

Allocate a minimum of 30 minutes per day to communicate with your ‘Self’.

Talking with ‘Self’ may be considered as a psychological aberration by others.

In reality, this encourages the ‘Self’ to free itself from the clutters it experiences due to the negative impact life imposes.

Consider yourself as your best friend.

Communicate all that you want to reveal to your ‘Self’ in a pragmatic manner.

With a balanced stature of mind and without any bias, accept your follies to your ‘Self’.

After all, you are talking with your ‘Self’ which even otherwise knows everything about you.

So then, why must you talk to your ‘Self’ at all?

There may be many issues you cannot reveal honestly to anyone at all.

When you talk about such things openly with your ‘Self’, it will help you to get rid of negative thoughts you are suffering from.

In turn, you will evolve as a better and wise person than you were earlier. 

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place.

- unknown

6. You are not a Punching bag

Self-Care Tips - You Are Not A Punching Bag

During different stages of life, you may come across people who keep discouraging you.

You may feel startled why certain people behave in a particular manner with you always.

You may experience a queer feeling in you which tells you something is not okay about the relationship.

Most of the time, despite having the option to get out of such relationships, you will pull on with the person eating humble pie.

Only your inner 'Self' will know the reason for this decision of yours.

Understand that your ‘Self’ is a highly sensitive element.

Your inner ‘Self’ has more power and strength than you think.

When you frequently eat humble pie in a relationship that demeans you, your inner ‘Self’ will be in total disagreement.

It no more wants to continue the relationship.

The only way you can sort out this disagreement with your ‘Self’ is by communicating with it transparently.

Never be a punching bag for others who think highly of themselves.

Never be a punching bag for those who want to demean you to win over their inferiority complex.

This is one of the best self-care tips you can practice keeping your ‘Self’ in high spirits at all points of time.

7. Pamper your 'Self'

Self-Care Ideas - Pamper Your 'Self'

When it comes to self-care, the most important one is physical health.

We all know different ways and techniques to pamper our physical body in multiple ways.

While some of us pamper our taste buds by eating our all-time favorite food items, some focus on taking care of their fitness and beauty needs.

To enumerate, we go for regular massages and spa to look pleasant and beautiful.

We go for a gym to strengthen our body or practice physical exercises like Yoga, walking, jogging, swimming etc.

The point here is try to spend at least an hour per day to understand what your body communicates to you.

When you feel pain in your legs, probably your leg is trying to tell you that it desires to rest.

When your eyes turn red or if it starts drooping during a normal day, it is a pointer that you must sleep.

When you start understanding what your body communicates to you, your body takes care of your mental ‘Self’.

This is when the cooperation between the physical and mental states acts in perfect synchronization.

Such synchronization leads to good physical as well as mental health.

This is one of the easiest and ultimate self-care ideas to take care of your health on a day to day basis.

Caring for your body, mind, and spirit is your greatest and grandest responsibility.

It’s about listening to the needs of your soul and then honoring them.

- Kristi Ling

8. Live Life like a Child

Self-Care Ideas - Live Life Like A Child

Children growing in normal environments do not have any ambiguities over their words and actions.

Their carefree attitude keeps their spirits high up at all points of time.

They do what they like to do.

They demand what they want and get the same done.

They strategize their plans based on the personalities they deal with.

As adults, probably, we need to learn a lot from children and become one, shedding all our unfounded fears and ambiguities.

Become a child.

If you loved singing and left the same halfway through your life due to the pressures it laid on you, start singing.

Resume the sports activities you enjoyed in your childhood.

If you are missing your reading habit and your thirst for knowledge remains unquenched, start reading.

Become a member of the library in your locality and allocate at least an hour for reading every day.

To put it in a nutshell, understand the burning desire of your ‘Self’.

When you start satisfying your own desires, you will witness the increased levels of happiness you generate in your life.

Practice this self-care tip to experience constant magic in your life.

The Bottom Line

Self-Care Ideas - The Bottom Line

Keep in mind, Self-care is not something that needs to be done when you have the time.

Self-care is a complete necessity that must be followed every single day.

The little things you do for yourself will benefit your mind, body, and soul in the long run.

Incorporate these self-care ideas into your daily routine to be the best version of yourself and enrich the lives of people around you.

You are a VIP, a very important person.

 so, take care with self-care. 

If not you, who?

If not now, when?

- Toni Hawkins