11 Relationship Goals That You Should Set Today

Relationship Goals

Loving and being loved back by the person you love is the most beautiful feeling in the world.

However, it takes a lot of work and commitment to make your relationship everlasting.

When the relationship is new and fresh, everything looks exciting and fun.

It feels like we are on top of the world.

But over time, that flame of excitement starts fading and the relationship begins to crumble.

It’s at this point - miscommunication, conflicts, and unhappiness arise.

If the right actions are not taken, it can sabotage the relationship and may even result in breakup or divorce.

This is where Relationship Goals come into the picture.

What are Relationship Goals?

What Are Relationship Goals

Goals play a major role in every aspect of our life.

In fact,

“Life without a goal is like a race without a finish line; you are just running nowhere.”

Goals help us to set targets and motivate us to move forward in life.

Additionally, they help us to know our progress and act accordingly to reach the desired place from time to time.

You may have set goals for various things in your life in the likes of fitness goals, academic goals, career goals etc.

Similarly, Relationship Goals are nothing but certain principles or choices that you and your partner make to keep your relationship intact.

Why are Relationship Goals so important?

Why Are Relationship Goals So Important

Relationship goals are essential to keep you focused.

They give your relationship a purpose by making it stronger and healthier.

Furthermore, they help you to understand each other well enough and bring you both closer together.

Overall, implementing the couple goals keep your relationship lively by fostering a happy and healthy partnership.

Therefore, no matter whether you are just engaged, newlywed or been married for 25 years, it’s always important to understand your relationship goals.

Having said that let’s get going, shall we?

Here are a few realistic goals in a relationship that take your relationship to the next level and flourish like never before.

11 Realistic Relationship Goals

1. Understand each other

Understand Eachother

Firstly, understand that everyone is different and unique.

Not everyone is raised in the same way as you.

You are two separate individuals with completely different traits and background.

Henceforth, there will be a lot of differences between you both.

As a matter of fact, you can’t expect your partner to have the same qualities as you.

They will have their own needs that are way different than yours.

Put in the efforts to understand each other's likes, dislikes, and character.

By doing so you can know the best way(s) to relate to them.

Plus, it gives you a clear picture of your soulmate and creates a strong bond between you both.


A perfect relationship is not having everything in common.

It’s how you understand and support each other’s differences.

Therefore, include this in your list of relationship goals to blossom a strong and healthy relationship.

2. Say 'I Love You' more often

Say I Love You More Often

'I love you' is a magical phrase that works out miracles in relationships that are supposed to travel with us throughout our lifetime.

The 3 words have the unbelievable power to make your bond stronger than ever.

However, in reality, many consider this phrase as a taboo and avoid saying this to their beloved ones.

On the other hand, few people look for a reason to say 'I love you' to their special someone.

'I love you' is just an expression of love.

It is neither a taboo nor you need any reason to say it.

Saying 'I love you' to your better half shows how much you love them.

Also, it makes them feel special and happy.

Further, repeating this phrase quite often breaks the communication gap and restores faith in each other.

Hence, say ‘I love you’ to your sweetheart more often instead of waiting for Valentine’s Day.

Set this as one of your relationship goals and keep your relationship intact.

3. Appreciate and Adore

Appreciate And Adore

Learn to appreciate and thank the efforts of your partner either big or small.

After all, they are the ones who choose to stay back with us during all our ups and downs.

Appreciating and adoring are the ways of showing how much you love and respect them.

You can appreciate their goodness and thank them for all that he/she does for you.

Being appreciative increases the mutual respect you have for each other and helps in staying positive.

Knowing that their words and deeds are being noticed and appreciated gives immense satisfaction to your spouse.

Meanwhile, it motivates them to keep doing it and be more empathetic towards you with each passing day.

Setting relationship goals for appreciating and adoring on every single opportunity that comes your way will generate positive vibrations.

In turn, these vibrations will automatically take care of the relationship during the low ebbs of your life.

4. Be Honest and Stop Doubting

Be Honest And Stop Doubting

Opposite poles do attract each other but certainly, dishonesty in no way attracts love.

Be honest in your actions and be careful with the words that you utter to your partner at all points of time.

Open talks where you exhibit kindness and respect will surely bring out the true feelings of your partner.

Besides, don’t sugar-coat your words with fear of what he or someone else will think.

Say what you feel and mean frankly.

Why should you hesitate to convey what you feel about a particular thing as it is to your better half?

If they really love you they will understand and accept it in a positive manner.

Express your desire to be loved and respected in the most exquisite way.

On the other hand, if you have doubts about their words and activities, talk to them openly and clear it.

For all you know, they may require your help to come out of something that you are yet to understand.

Doubt is the NUMBER ONE killer of relationship.

Doubt that has started small multiplies day by day and turns big.

This, in turn, spoils your peace of mind and destroys your loving relationship.

Make sure to clear your doubts then and there, rather than holding them in your mind and multiplying it.

5. Make them your Top Priority

Make Them Your Top Priority

Love is the best magical cure in the world.

Irrespective of how your spouse behaves, make them your top priority.

If you consider your better half as your top priority and the same gets reciprocated, life will be heaven on earth.

Make relationship goals that would make each of you the top priority for the other.

Relationship goals like ‘Talk about his/her plans for the day every morning’ will make each other feel important.

Such goals increase the trust factor in each other and the relationship making it stronger overtime.

6. Be the Motivator

Be The Motivator

Just because you are a husband or a wife does not mean that you strictly need to be one always.

Get out of those roles every now and then.

Understand the goals and dreams of your partner.

Encourage and offer a helping hand to fulfil their dreams and wishes.

Take the role of the motivator and push them to achieve the set goals.

When you wear the motivator hat, your better half will see a different personality in you.

This will breed high levels of faith in the relationship shared.

Set relationship goals for yourself which would focus on the individual goal achievement of your better half like for instance, ‘Help him/her shed 5 kilograms this month’.

This will help him/her feel dependent on you which will turn the relationship more of an emotional bonding than just physical.

7. Focus on the Relationship

Focus On The Relationship

Many couples break up for one main reason – Lack of Belongingness.

It is important that the bonding couples share with each other is meaningful and not superficial.

Instead of looking at each other as just another human being who has crossed your lives like others, focus on the relationship.

Treat your association with your better half as a boon bestowed on yourself.

Before implementing any decision, make sure to check whether it will hurt your relationship in any way and then proceed.

Focus on your relationship as a whole so it gets the appropriate levels of attention and respect at all points of time.

Adding relationship goals that focus on your relationship with your spouse rather than the person itself will foster your relationship by multi-fold levels.

8. Keep the Romantic Spark Alive

Keep The Romantic Spark Alive

Relationship goals would be incomplete without talking about your sexual life.

Sex is an integral part of a healthy relationship.

At the end of the day, we all are animals with sexual desires.

Hard to digest, but it is the truth that we should accept.

However, in this busy and stressful life, it’s quite natural to lose interest in sex.

You may not have time for sex or you may feel exhausted after all your daily chores.

In such cases, you have to schedule a timetable for sex like ‘Will have sex with my partner every weekend or whenever possible’.

Also, feel comfortable to talk about sex with your spouse and tell them about what you desire.

Ask or understand your partner’s sexual needs and indulge in the invitation, don’t let it become a reason for separation.

Being intimate with your partner will keep the fire of passion burning in your relationship.

Never shy away from spicing things up and pleasing each other on the bed.

9. Always Plural, Never stick to Singular

Always Plural, Never Stick To Singular

Make sure to always use words like ‘We’ whenever you refer your partner.

It should not be 'You' or 'Me', it should always be 'We' or 'Us'.

The letter 'I' makes you self-centered and it showcases that you always think and consider only about you.

Your spouse finds it unfair and rejected when you stick to these kinds of singular terms.

But when you use the word ‘We’, it generates positive feeling and your partner enjoys hearing it.

A relationship involves two people.

So, it should always be plural and mutual.

Communication has the power to make or break a relationship.

Avoid the usage of singular or abusive words with your better half.

This, in turn, prevents arguments and fights between you both.

Set relationship goals like ‘We will work out all the decisions mutually instead of taking an individual call’.

This increases quality interactions between the two of you making your relationship a trustworthy one.

10. Travel together

Travel Together

Travelling together here does not mean going hundreds of kilometres.

Even if it is walking with each other to a nearby park or going to the temple during a weekend, don’t miss the opportunity.

The objective is to be with each other not only physically but also from an emotional angle.

Emotional needs of couples vary in length and breadth from that of other relationships.

Compatibility plays a crucial role when it comes to fulfilling the emotional requirements of your better half.

Travelling together increases the compatibility level of couples to a great extent.

Create relationship goals like ‘Go for a walk with each other every evening for 45 minutes’ or ‘Spend private time with spouse every evening for 30 minutes’.

This will increase the mental proximity you share with your spouse adding immense value to the relationship.

11. Control Anger and Love unconditionally

Control Anger And Love Unconditionally

Being couples is different than being a loving couple.

The very basic ingredient that makes the relationship tasty is love.

Loving someone unconditionally, overseeing their vulnerabilities and being loved the same way makes one experience the good blessings showered upon them.

This unconditional love enhances the quality of the relationship you share with each other.

However, when you become conditional and demanding, frustration and anger sets in more frequently than one could imagine.

Frustration and anger are two qualities that trigger us to speak harsh words which are capable of damaging even meticulously refined relationships.

Set relationship goals that would help you control yourself even when you are angry or frustrated.

For instance, ‘I will be conscious about the way I react or speak every time when I am angry at him’ can be a suitable relationship goal here.

Such relationship goals will help you tame yourself down during negative situations.

Understand the real meaning of the word ‘Love’ and ensure that you practice the same in the relationship.

Remember, a spouse remains one throughout the lifetime, making them your better half is in your hands.

Be a better half and make them one by setting up relationship goals of high value. 

The Bottom Line

Relationship Goals - The Bottom Line

No relationship is perfect all the time.

Every relationship has its own ups and downs.

A great relationship definitely takes a lot of dedication and work.

More importantly, both of you must have the willingness to put considerable time and effort to nurture your relationship.

Creating relationship goals is the best way to keep your relationship healthy and lasting.

By setting goals together, you both can understand each other’s wants and needs precisely.

Plus, these goals will help you both in correcting your mistakes and change into growing together as a couple.

These small goals can make a huge difference in your relationship.

If you want your love and closeness to stay beyond the initial honeymoon phase then relationship goals are a must.

Relationship goals not only brings you both closer but also makes your bond stronger, fulfilling and long-lasting.

So, consider making time to create relationship goals with your partner. 

It will come back to you in multi-fold levels of love and happiness.

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