40 Best Long Distance Relationship Quotes To Share With Your Love

Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Are you looking for long distance relationship quotes that capture the exact feelings you are going through?

Then, you are in the right place.

Missing your long-distance partner is harder than it seems.

It makes you feel so worried about your partner and leaves you with lots of doubts and questions.

What is he/she doing now?

Is she/he ok or not?

Is he/she not interested in me anymore?

And all these thoughts lead to misunderstandings and awful Arguments. Sometimes it becomes so tough that you even feel if love still exists between you both.

In a nutshell, a long-distance relationship makes you feel lonely and frustrated.

However, although long-distance relationships seem quite challenging, they can be very rewarding as well.

To help you battle through these hard times - we have curated some of the best long distance relationship quotes that are sure to give you the much-needed boost.

These time-tested sayings provide hope during your testing times and remind you how amazing your relationship is.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes

We hope these long distance relationship quotes would help you articulate your feelings and express all the thoughts in your head.

Plus, these quotes will definitely bring a smile to your partner's face and inspire them to overcome all obstacles.

So, without further ado, let's get on to it.


"Love is not just being with someone. Love is feeling someone even if miles separate you."

– Wordions


"I might not be there with you. But I’m always there for you."

2. Best Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"We will be forever together and never really apart. Though you’re far away, you’re right here in my heart."

3. LDR Quotes


"My heart is your home, wherever in the world you are – you will always have a place to stay."

– K.A. Hill

4. K.A. Hill Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"Your relationship doesn’t need to make sense to anyone, except you and your partner. It’s a relationship. Not a community project."

5. LDR Quotes


"True love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes."

6. True Love Quotes


"Ocean separates lands, not souls."

– Munia Khan

7. Munia Khan Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"Distance between two people is inconsequential when their souls are united."

8. Best Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"True love will triumph in the end — which may or may not be a lie, but if it is a lie, it’s the most beautiful lie we have."

– John Green

9. John Green Quote on Long Distance Relationship


"What’s meant to be will always find a way."

– Trisha Yearwood

10. Trisha Yearwood Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"Slow down. Calm down. Don’t worry. Don’t hurry. Trust the process."

– Alexandra Stoddard

11. Alexandra Stoddard Quotes on Long Distance Relationship


"Loving someone you don’t see every day is not a bad thing. It’s just proof that love is not in sight but in the heart."

12. Best Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"The richest love is that which submits to the arbitration of time."

– Lawrence Durrell

13. Lawrence Durrell Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"As long as you’re in my heart and I am in yours, there is no distance great enough that our love can’t travel."

14. LDR Quotes


"When your absence is felt, your presence is the essence and it makes a difference."

– Michael Bassey Johnson

15. Michael Bassey Johnson Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"No matter what happens, I will be here for you, just call me and I shall be there for you."

16. Best Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"If you can love, trust, respect, and support each other from a distance then you’ll be unstoppable once you’re physically together."

17. Great Quotes on LDR


"The reason it hurts so much to separate is that our souls are connected."

18. Good LDR Quotes for you


"Sometimes the people who are thousands of miles away from you can make you feel better than those right beside you."

19. Meaning Quotes


"Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end."

– Ed Sheeran

20. Ed Sheeran Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"If love cannot stand the test of time, then it has failed the test of love."

– Bernard Byer

21. Bernard Byer Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"If you want to live together, you must first know how to live apart."

22. Beautiful Relationship Quotes


"Cherish those people who have the ability to touch you and still be thousands of miles from your presence."

– Rachel Wolchin

23. Rachel Wolchin Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"The best connections don’t fade. They burn brighter and hotter with time."

– J Iron Word

24. J Iron Word Quotes on Love


"Missing someone is part of loving them. Not until you are apart, do you realize how much they mean to you."

– Nikhil Saluja

25. Nikhil Saluja Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"No matter where my life takes me or yours takes you, I will love you whether there are a thousand miles between us or none at all."

– Courtney Peppernell

26. Courtney Peppernell Quotes on Relationship

Lengthy Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"I want to spend the rest of my life with you because the love I have shared with you is the best I have ever seen. I don’t want ever to leave you, I found peace in your sight, and I don’t wish to lose it to anything in the world."

1. Lengthy Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"Being close is the first and last desire of lovers, but being far and loving each other without an inch’s difference is the characteristic of real love."

– Seneca Roy

2. Long Distance Relationship Quotes by Seneca Roy


"You might be far off from where we call home, and I might not see you as the weeks turn to months and years, but I am not giving up just yet. I know that I will find you soon. I love you with all of me."

3. Beautiful Relationship Quotes


"Forget the miles, forget them. You’ll be there and I’ll be here, and it’ll just be a long distance. And that’ll be okay because quite frankly I’m crazy about you."

4. Good LDR Quotes


"No matter how far you manage to go, distance will never be able to erase those beautiful memories. There is so much goodness that we shared together."

– Lucy Aims

5. Lucy Aims Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"Even if I don’t see you, I do keep you in my heart and cherish the memories we created together. When I miss you, I place my hand on my heart and feel you right there. I’m connected to you, and I know you understand all I want right now is to be with you."

6. Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"I don’t cry because we’ve been separated by distance, and for a matter of years. Why? Because for as long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we’re still together."

– Donna Lynn Hope

7. Donna Lynn Hope Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"You know you’ve found true love when you catch yourself falling in love with the same person over and over again despite them being miles away from you."

– Anon

8. Anon Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"The longer you wait for something. The more you appreciate it when you get it. Because anything worth having is always worth the wait."

9. Great LDR Quotes


"The value of love is slowly lost when we have way too much. There is just no time to appreciate it. It is in times of separation and distance that you truly understand the meaning of love."

– Tiffany Health

10. Tiffany Health Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"Just because things are not at their best right now does not mean that we should give up. Gold is tested in fire and something precious like love needs distance to be tested."

– Olga Peters

11. Olga Peters Love Quotes


"If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you."

– A.A. Milne

12. A.A. Milne Quotes on LDR


"Distance is temporary, but our love is permanent. This may be the last time I see you, but if you keep me in your heart, together we shall be eternal; if you believe, we shall never part."

– Ben Harper

13. Ben Harper Long Distance Relationship Quotes


"When you love someone, they never get lost; wherever they go, they are still somewhere in your heart, and as long as they know that, they will always know that when they find you, they find themselves once again."

– Bernajoy Vaal

14. Bernajoy Vaal Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Wrapping up!

Wrapping Up for Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Long Distance Relationships are tough.

But it’s not impossible as well.

Many obstacles might come.

You just need to make it work with trust, great communication, and patience.

So, hang in there and trust the process.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these long distance relationship quotes.

Do share these quotes with your special someone and let them know how much they mean to you.