Kiss in a Relationship – Its Importance and Different Types

Importance of Kiss in a relationship

Everyone is unique and so is the way of expressing love to our partner.

Some of us show love with hugs and kisses, while some express via gifts, words or by being there when they need us.

To put it simply - We all express love, that's for sure. But the way we express it is what that differs.

In this article, we will understand everything about kiss in a relationship - the most effective way of expressing our love. 

We will see - What exactly does a Kiss mean, Why it matters and the positive benefits of a Kiss in a relationship.

What does a Kiss mean?

What is a Kiss

Kissing is a sensual act that expresses our love, emotions and care without the need for any words.

It goes beyond and expresses our feelings which is even difficult to say via words.

In short, a kiss is the symbol of love, affection and care.

However, kissing isn’t the same for everyone.

A kiss can mean so many different things depending on what type of kiss it is and from whom it’s coming from or vice versa.

It can be an expression of love, intimacy, friendship, an apology, a sign of greetings or a sweet gesture.

All in all, we can simply say a kiss is an expression of love.

No matter which type of kiss you receive or give, it makes you feel good and sparks an unexplainable joy.

Benefits of Kiss in a Relationship

Benefits of Kiss in a Relationship

Apart from making you feel good, kissing offers a host of health benefits as well.

Here are some benefits that show why you must include a kiss in a relationship.

We will walk you through each one and explain just how beneficial a kiss in a relationship can be.

1. Good for Oral Health

Kissing stimulates saliva production

This, in turn, neutralizes acids, flushes away food particles and washes bacteria off the teeth thus preventing plaque build-up and tooth cavities.

Plus, the mineral ions in saliva re-mineralizes teeth and can cure small lesions in tooth enamel.

A simple passionate kiss in a relationship can keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

Having said that, don’t neglect your dental hygiene as it is the key to your oral health. Kissing is just like a bonus to it so make sure to follow proper oral hygiene.

None would feel comfortable if your mouth and breath smell bad. 

Therefore, to make your kiss more enjoyable, try these simple home remedies to get rid of bad breath.

2. Burn Calories

According to experts, Intense Kissing involves around 34 facial muscles and can burn up to 2 to 5 calories per minute.

In addition to that, it boosts your body’s metabolism and helps burn calories.

Even though kissing cannot replace your gym workout sessions, it can help you burn off a chocolate/dessert or a glass of wine you had last evening.

After all, something is better than nothing! Right?

3. Delays Ageing and Keeps you Youthful

As mentioned earlier, deep passionate kissing involves about 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles.

This acts as a major workout for your facial muscles that tones and strengthens them (Especially the lower face and neck).

Plus, it also increases blood circulation which in turn stimulates collagen production leaving you a firmer and youthful skin.

A simple intimate kiss in a relationship is one of the easiest anti-ageing remedies for your face. And guess what, it’s free!

Along with this, try to follow a proper skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing to be beautiful forever.

4. Relieves Stress

A well-timed kiss with your partner acts as a great stress buster

When you're kissing, your body releases few mood-boosting hormones like Oxytocin (a calming hormone), Endorphins (the feel-good hormone) and Dopamine (the hormone that promotes bonding).

All these feel-good hormones help you to relax, restore and feel happier with a sense of well-being.

You can also use our Self-Care Guide to further learn how to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

5. Lowers Blood Pressure

Lips are made up of blood vessels and by locking lips you tend to dilate those blood vessels.

When your blood vessels get dilated, it allows blood to flow more freely by taking the pressure off your organs.

As a result, your heartbeat revs up reducing your blood pressure.

Ultimately, kissing is good for the overall health of your heart.

Hence, pucker up often to have a healthy heart as you have a good time.

6. Boosts Immunity

The human mouth is home for hundreds of bacteria - among which 80% of the bacteria are common to everyone and 20% are unique to every individual.

In the process of kissing your better half, you are not just swapping saliva but also germs.

This will expose your body to new foreign bacteria that are unknown to your immune system.

As a reaction, your body will produce antibodies to fight these new foreign bacteria.
The more of newer bacteria your body is exposed to the stronger your body will fight in the future.

This will boost your immune system and strengthen the body’s defences.

7. Enhances Sexual Compatibility

Kissing and sex gel together often like cherry and cake.

Kissing promotes intimacy and arouses both you and your partner sexually.

In fact, kissing is the most romantic and powerful type of foreplay that can make sex a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience.

On the whole, kissing enhances sexual compatibility and keeps the flame of passion alive in your relationship.

Now that you know various benefits of kissing, Let’s check out different types of kisses and what they mean in a relationship.

Types of Kiss in a Relationship

Kiss can be classifies as the Subtle and Passionate ones.

Here, we list different types of kisses ranging between these two classifications.

A. Subtle Kiss

1. Forehead Kiss

Forehead Kiss

A Forehead kiss is a sweet gesture to express love, respect, and care.

This is one of the most loved (especially by girls) and is the purest form of a kiss across the globe.

This kiss depicts that your partner truly respects and cares for you.

Plus, it is also a way to express protectiveness or supportiveness towards your partner when they are down.

Forehead kiss gives them a feeling of comfort and boosts their confidence conveying a message that no matter what happens you will always be there for them.

Moreover, it is not only meant for couples but also friends, family and acquaintances.

The best part about the forehead kiss is it is more connected with your soul (emotional feelings) than your body (intimate feelings). 

And this is the main thing that makes it the purest form of the kiss in a relationship.

If there’s someone you truly love and care about, kiss them on the forehead and let them know that they are very special to you.

2. Cheek Kiss

Cheek Kiss

The Cheek kiss is an adorable way of showing affection, support and fondness for each other.

This kiss is similar to forehead kiss, but instead of the forehead, you kiss on cheek here.

To be precise, it’s just pressing your lips against someone's cheek.

Cheek kiss has a different meaning altogether and depends on the person who you give or receive from.

Cheek kiss can be shared among couples, families, friends and so on.

Apart from expressing affection, it is also used as a friendly greeting or to say hello/goodbye.

It is all the person who gives or receives the kiss decides the friendly or affectionate nature of the cheek kiss.

3. Lip Kiss / Tap Kiss / Quick Kiss

Lip Kiss

Tap kiss is a simple yet sweet way of expressing your affection.

It is usually shared between families, friends and couples.

To plant this kiss, you have to just give a peck on your partner’s lip without opening your mouth.

It should be done very quickly and shouldn’t last for more than a couple of seconds.

Lip kiss doesn’t express sexual desire yet says that you truly like/love the other in an elegant style.

These cute lippies are perfect for people who don’t like a wet kiss.

4. Hand Kiss

Hand Kiss

This is one of the most formal types of kisses that implies either respect or admiration.

Hand kiss is often shared by a couple.

In this kiss, you hold the partner's hand (mostly women) and gently kiss on the back of the palm.

5. Nose Kiss

Nose Kiss

Kissing on the nose is another adorable and playful way of expressing love.

It’s just giving a peck on your partner’s nose.

By planting a nose kiss, you mean that you like your partner and think that your partner is too cute.

This kiss is fun, romantic and will surely bring a smile on both of your faces.

6. Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo Kiss

This is one of the lovely and cutest types of kiss to express affection for your partner.

In this kiss, all you have to do is gently rub your nose back and forth against your partner’s nose.

It’s not a kiss actually as lips are not involved.

This kiss is inspired by the Eskimo people who used to greet each other by coming close and rubbing their noses due to cold weather.

Eskimo kiss can either be a friendly gesture or a romantic one and can be shared by people of all ages.

It's a whimsical and goofy way of telling how much you love being with each other.

Including this special kiss in a relationship can introduce cuteness in your love life and can get you memorable moments with your significant other.

7. Butterfly Kiss

This is another kind of kiss that doesn’t involve lips.

In a Butterfly kiss, you flutter your eyelashes against your partner’s eyes/cheek.

Firstly move close enough towards your partner, then quickly blink your eyelashes against each other just like how a butterfly flutters its wings.

This sort of kiss tickles each other and can give a tingly feeling.

Or you can give a solo butterfly kiss as well by just fluttering your eyelashes against your partner’s cheek.

The up and down strokes of eyelash will make your partner feel like being kissed by a butterfly. Awww, How Cute!

This is one of the funny and cute ways of expressing affection to your significant other.

Even though your lips don’t meet each other, the Butterfly kiss is still tenderly sweet and romantic.

However, you should be careful not to hurt each other’s eyes.

B. Passionate Kiss

1. Earlobe Kiss

Earlobe Kiss

Earlobe kiss is one of the most romantic types of kiss in a relationship.

And, this kiss can only be shared with your better half.

The earlobes are one of the most sensitive and erogenous zones of the body.

To give this kiss, you have to gently take the earlobe of your partner between your lips and kiss it.

You can make it more intense or passionate by lightly licking or biting their earlobe.
It’s gentle and sexy at the same time.

This will surely turn on your partner and gives you an erotic experience.

If you wish to arouse your partner, then going for this kiss is the best option.

2. Neck Kiss

Neck Kiss

The Neck kiss is one of the most sensual and intimate kiss in a relationship.

The kiss is shared only among couples and is usually given at later stages of a relationship.

As the name reads it is planting a peck on your significant other's neck while cuddling from the back.

You can convert neck kiss into a vampire kiss by softly biting and sucking the neck area. This often results in hickey marks.

Vampire kiss is fierce and sensual AF and usually leads to foreplay or lovemaking.

Just like the Earlobe kiss, you can also use the Neck kiss to turn on your partner.

3. Lizard Kiss

Lizard Kiss

Lizard kiss is shared only between couples who are close to each other.

If you have ever seen how a lizard sticks out its tongue to catch flies, you can figure out what this kiss is all about.

This kiss is executed similar to the lizard’s tongue action and hence the name.

Here you don’t kiss with your lips, just tongue and that’s it!

To give a lizard kiss, all you have to do is just stick your tongue in and out of your partner's mouth in quick strokes.

This is a very intimate form of kissing that expresses sexual intimacy and arousal.

However, few may find this a little odd and therefore, it’s best to use if your partner is comfortable with it.

4. Spider-man Kiss

Spider-Man Kiss

This kiss is inspired by the Spider-man movie (2002) where Mary Jane kisses Peter Parker (Spider-man) hanging upside down.

For those who still don’t understand what a Spider-man kiss is, we have got you covered.

It involves one partner kissing the other who is facing upside down or in reverse position.

To execute the Spider-man kiss either you or your partner must face upside down.

In this, your top lip meets your partner’s bottom lip and vice versa.

You can even give this by lying on the bed or while sitting on a cosy couch.

This unique type of kiss in a relationship is cute and horny at the same time.

Don't go to that extent of becoming a Spider-man yourselves and hang off the building for the kiss!

5. French Kiss

French Kiss

French kiss is one of the most popular and passionate kisses among all.

It is highly amorous and signifies intimate feelings.

It’s an open-mouthed kiss that involves a lot of tongue work.

And it needs a lot of practice to master.

Remember not to rush as it ruins the flow. Be gentle and start slow. Increase the pace according to your partner’s response and go with the flow.

French kiss is a passionate, fierce and sensual kiss that helps in bringing the couple closer than ever.

However, some people find it dirty so try to take your partner’s consent before kissing them.

Or else, it might end up in embarrassment or anger.

Tips for Kissing

Tips for Kissing

Whether it is your first or the nth kiss, try to follow these tips to make your every kiss an enjoyable experience.

  • Always keep your mouth fresh before kissing. No one likes being kissed or give a kiss if you have a foul-smelling mouth. You can keep mouth fresheners or spray as handy.
  • Also make sure your lips are not dry, chapped or wounded.
  • Take the consent of your partner before kissing to be sure of his/ her feeling as well.

Kissing should always be well-timed.

You can’t kiss your partner when they are in a bad mood or expressing their grief over something.

Acting to the circumstances and respecting the mood of your partner before kissing is very very important.

How to initiate the First Kiss in a Relationship

How to initiate the First Kiss in a Relationship

The first kiss can make or break the relationship. Hence, it should be handled very carefully.

Your mind might be filled with a lot of questions, emotions and the worst fear of getting rejected.

Upon that, it can be quite embarrassing to ask for a kiss directly.

Well! We understand you.

And trust us it happens for everyone.

You can deal with them easily by following a few good tips.

But before that, breathe out and try to relax first. Once you are calm and composed, follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, try to give them some clues through your actions or body language.
  • Hold your partner and gaze into their eyes.
  • Now smile lightly and focus on their lips.
  • Slowly move in closer towards them and watch their response.
  • If they push you away, it’s a sign to walk away. Drop your plan of kissing right away and never force them until they are ready for it.
  • In case, if they smile back or close their eyes, it means they are ready for it.

And there goes your first kiss that you are going to remember forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line Kiss in a Relationship

These are the different types of kiss which you can try with your better half.

Including kiss in a relationship not only express your emotions but also helps you both to bond well.

Besides, frequent kissing can strengthen your relationship and makes it last longer.

No matter how busy your life is, kiss often and make some time for your love. It’s good for you both and your relationship.

Now that you know everything about kisses and their amazing benefits on mental and physical well-being, What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and pucker up!