18 Unique Ways On How To Tell Someone That You Love Them

I love you
I love you

Wondering how to tell someone that you love them?

If yes, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we will walk you through a few efficient ways to express your love gracefully, without being awkward or without actually saying it.

How to tell someone that you love them?

“Daydream delusion

Limousine Eyelash,

Oh, baby with your pretty face

Drop a tear in my wine glass.

Look at those big eyes

See what you mean to me,

Sweetcakes and milkshakes,

I’m a delusion angel

I’m a fantasy parade

I want you to know what I think

Don’t want you to guess anymore…”

Who wouldn’t remember these epic lines from the masterpiece love trilogy the ‘Before’ Series by Richard Linklater

This particular piece of poetry from the first installment - Before Sunrise, made a sensation of itself in the 90s as it portrayed love confession on celluloid in the best way possible. 

This brings us to one of the most critical points that perhaps all of you have faced at least once in your love life - that is, how to tell someone that you love them.

See, falling in love is beautiful.

The air seems to whisper the lover’s name now and then, and a dash of sweet melancholy captures your mind. 

Love can lift your spirit and make you float above the ground. It’s intoxicating. 

But confessing your love can be daunting especially for the first time.

Besides, some of you are downright introverts. You shy away from speaking of love and longings.

You get shivers down the spine when it comes to expressing love. Jaws tend to freeze and knees tend to feel weaker. 

The uncertain feeling of whether he/she loves you back or not, whether they will be the same person once you confess or walk away from your life forever.

All these thoughts can make you anxious and overwhelming.

We understand stepping ourselves in a place where we are at risk of heartbreak is not easy.

It takes a lot of courage to express our feelings, but if you don’t confess then you will lose them forever.

That too without even knowing whether you stand a chance for that person or not.

And ultimately it is always better to know rather than regretting all your life for not confessing.

Hence, being vulnerable and taking risks are necessary sometimes.

Therefore, go ahead and just tell her/him the way you feel.

Besides, let them know that it is okay if they do not feel the same way as you do and you will continue to support them regardless of their decision.


If You Love Them, Go Tell Them!

To tell or not to tell - is it too early, or should you wait for him?

If that is the question that is boggling your mind, the answer is yes!

You should tell someone that you love them if you genuinely do. 

And if you were looking for the perfect moment to express your love then stop it right away.

Because, there is no such thing called a perfect moment.

There will never be the perfect time to express your love.

Instead of waiting for the perfect moment rather create it.

Life is truly too short to let these beautiful moments pass by.

Hence, let go of your fear and confess your love regardless of their response.

“Don’t save something for a special occasion. Every day of your life is a special occasion!”

There are many ways to convey your message of love to the person you hold romantic feelings for.

Some of them are pretty old-school and exceptionally romantic. While others are tactical and hopeless romantic

You have to be able to understand which trick to use at which point.

However, patience is the ultimate key to success.

In this article, we’ll list out for you 18 simple yet effective ideas to ace your love confession game without choosing the clichéd ways. 

To make it easy for you, we have further narrowed down these ideas into 3 categories

  • How to express via actions/gestures
  • How to express Without saying I LOVE YOU
  • How to express With Phrases

How to tell someone that you love them - By Actions/Gestures!

Love isn’t always about the grand gestures and big words.

You can show someone you love them with your actions.

As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Actions are crucial and they can change the whole story for good or for bad!

Hence, be very careful with your actions when you want to confess your love.

Here are some effective signs to help you out.


Be Great Friends

Before you tell someone that you love them, make a good friendship with them.

Because every great love story begins with a good friendship.

A friendship built on the foundations of trust and loyalty is one of the greatest treasures of life.

Therefore, be the best buddies, spend time together, and be each other’s partner in crime!

If you can gain trust from your partner, that is the best way to convey the love you have for them


Stand by Them in the Times of Crisis

They say, you have a whole bunch of people to laugh with you but you only have a very few of them in times of crisis.

Our lives are a full circle with ups and downs.

So, you must count on those who don’t leave you during your down moments.

Be someone’s companion in crisis because that’s the time when they need you the most.

If you can stand by your loved one in times of hurdles then you stand a chance to be with him/her forever.

And No, it’s not always money that you can help them with.

Sometimes, all you need to do is to be there and tell them that everything will be fine.

As simple as that, but that makes a big difference.


Listen to Them Carefully

In general, people around us are too busy blabbering about everything under the sun.

From personal grieves to mundane office hours, from irrational longings to biggest aspirations, they’ll bring everything to the table. 

Amid such chaos, all we need is a person who would listen to us without throwing judgments.

If you love someone, then be a listener.

Allow the other person to speak his/her heart out.

Let them share their opinions and you pay sincere attention to what they say.

There is nothing more pleasing and satisfying for a person than having someone to listen to his/her stories.


Talk About Your Daily life

Would you share the tiniest details of your daily chores with just a random acquaintance? No, right?

We only tend to share such things with the most special person in our lives.

If you find it difficult to talk about love and your feelings, then this is the gesture that works perfectly.

However, you need to draw the attention of the special person before talking about these simple things, otherwise, you would be termed as a boring person!

This is a slow process and you have to move subtly but steadily.


Be Their Support System

They say - If you love them don’t hold them back.

Be their support system and encourage them to achieve the best everything in life.

Push their limits. Motivate them to pursue their dreams.

Tell them to follow their passion and constantly remind them that you are by their side always.

Be their biggest support because that’s way more significant than uttering those three magical words.

But before everything, wash off the invisible demon called 'Ego' and make sure that you don’t judge them for their decisions.

It is important to be selfless and make the other person understand your unconditional love and care.


Share Insignificant Joys

What makes life more beautiful?

Is it how big a mansion you own or how many luxurious trips you make?

No! Happiness lies in the moments in between, the insignificant joys that you share with someone special. 

If you want to tell someone that you love them, share such moments.

Hold hands while crossing the road. Exchange simple gifts like keyrings, favorite cartoon figurines, etc., instead of fancy and expensive artifacts.

Listen to music together and share your favorite movies with them. Decide cute nicknames for each other and call each other by those names.

In short, go simplistic and see the magic that comes out of the simple things.


Create Special Moments

Another strategic step to tell someone that you love them is creating sudden special moments with them.

You must put some effort to make things work between you and your significant other.

Plan surprises for them.

Watch concerts together, dance and groove along with the tunes, headbang, and break free!

Arrange rooftop dinner or have your favorite 'Netflix and chill' moments together.

Walk in the rain and hold hands. 

Create special moments in the most natural way and turn those moments into memories that both of you will cherish forever.


Travel Together

Do you know a better way to spend some special time with the person you love than traveling together?

We bet you don’t because it’s the best way possible!

Traveling together with the person you love can change the whole chemistry between the two of you. 

Not only you can explore new and unseen territories but also you explore each other more and more.

You build trust in each other while traveling far from the usual places.

Hence, if you are wondering how to tell someone that you love them, plan a trip with them soon

Don’t forget to ask them about their traveling preferences because otherwise, the trip will turn into a nightmare.

Stay at random hostels, watch sunsets together, get sloshed and let things escalate.

How to tell someone that you love them - Without Uttering Those Three Magical Words, I LOVE YOU!

If you have progressed in the path of confession and successfully made the first step, that is friendship, then it’s time for the next step. 

Now, saying those three magical words is wonderful but don’t you think your special one deserves more than that?

Here are a few innovative ways you can say 'I Love You' without even uttering the phrase.


Send Gift Card

Today’s generation is fast.

They hardly have time to invest in making gift cards for their loved ones.

But if you want to impress the person you love, you’ll have to put in that extra effort into preparing customized gift cards.

You can either go out to your favorite gift shop to fetch the best one in the market or make one yourself if you think you are creative enough.

We would suggest you make a card at home and pour all your feelings into it.

Sometimes, it’s the effort that matters instead of how well you put things together.

So, get all the essentials and start making a gift card.

Put all the colors that your partner loves.

Write down your feelings in sweet and simple verse.


Write Letters

No matter how old-school it might sound, letters have their special charm.

In the age of massive internet mania, sepia-tinted postcards are the eternal signs of love and nostalgia. 

If you and your significant other, are sort of old-school in nature, then don’t give it a second thought! This is the best you could do for them to convey your love. 

It’s simple. Take a piece of paper and just write down everything that you wished to say to him/her.

Don’t think about articulations or the possible answers and let your thoughts flow.

Your honest words will shake the soul of the other person.


Text Them

We never meant that you have to be old-school to put forward your thoughts in an artistic manner.

You can do it while being tech-savvy. 

All of us are quite accustomed to mobile smartphones these days.

So, take your eyes off those high-resolution graphic games and make the effort to text them your feelings.

Let them know what you feel for them instead of just throwing sugar-coated pickup lines in their face.

However, make sure your message has some weight to it.

You can do some research about love languages and how to use them the right way before texting him/her.


Be Creative

Honestly, there is no substitute for creativity.

If you choose the same old techniques to impress the other person, you should not expect much. 

Especially if the other person is a creative soul, then you must take a few steps ahead and plan something creative to draw his/her attention.

So, what is there beyond texting, chatting, and letter writing?

Well, there is a whole lot of other creative ways available.

Make romantic comic strips or make a playlist of her favorite love songs.

You can even try poetry. 

Moreover, you can try making DIY diaries filled with snaps and pictures of the two of you along with beautiful love quotations written in colorful fonts.

How to tell someone that you love them - Via Phrases

However, you might need help with some common phrases that would simply indicate your special feelings towards the other person.

Here are some of these phrases that you might want to try with your significant one.


'You are the best thing that happened to me'

Using this phrase will help to portray your genuine feelings for him/her without saying 'I love you'.

When you say 'You are the best thing that happened to me' to someone, you are not only portraying your love but also appreciating his/her existence in your life.

It even helps you define a sense of respect you have for that person.

Thus, saying this phrase instead of using the cliched 'I love you' phrase is more expressive.

Ultimately, true love comes from a sense of appreciation and respect.

And portraying yourself as the lucky person to have him/her in your life defines how much you love that person.


'We have a connection'

This is a common phrase that many people use when they find common interests and similarities between each other.

But in your case, you have to use this phrase wisely to portray your feelings.

For example, look for a special moment when you two have the same point of view or interest.

Hence, with the perfect timing, you can easily throw the right signal at them with the phrase 'We have a connection'.

At the end of the day, if you two have a special bond, things will eventually fall in place even without giving any effort.


'Your presence turns me on'

Well, this phrase has a sexual innuendo wrapped in subtleness.

But this sentence can easily portray your feelings to him/her.

It helps you define the adrenaline rush you feel whenever he/she is around you.

And yes, along with its sexual undertone, you can also define the hypnotic aura that he/she possesses.

So, with this phrase, you can take your friendship to the next level and showcase your love for him/her. 

You may think that this phrase has a naughty side to it, but don’t worry. If he/she has something for you, it will do the work for you.


'I miss you'

The 'I miss you' phrase might not directly indicate that you are in love with that person.

But it says that you are missing their presence in your life.

It helps you to define how important that person is in your life.

It even helps you portray that you are missing all the little sweet moments you had together.

So, if you say 'I miss you' to your crush after seeing him/her after a long time, it helps you establish a special connection between you two.

Thus, without saying I love you, you can convey your feelings for him/her with this phrase.


'I’ll Always Be there for you'

This is easily one of those sentences which can help you take your relationship to the next level.

In fact, with this sentence, you are saying those three magical words without saying them directly.

'I’ll always be there for you' is a fascinating sentence, which carries a lot of weight with itself.

Here, you are willing to share all the happiness as well as sorrows of your life. Very touching, Right?

You are also willing to overcome all the differences of opinion and will be there for him/her even during fights.

So, naturally, if someone has a thing for you, he/she will easily understand the underlying meaning of this sentence.



Finally, if nothing of the aforementioned tips work, then it’s time to come out of the shell and confess your love straight away.

Look, there is nothing more divine than being able to surrender your soul to the person you love.

You’ll end up feeling happy.

Therefore, go up to the person you love and simply express your genuine feelings to them in simple words.

Remember, an honest confession is rare and it needs courage.

Therefore, don’t shy away or inhibit yourself from expressing your true feelings to someone you love.

The Bottom Line

We hope this post gave you a few ideas on how to tell someone that you love them.

Every relationship is unique in its own way and there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

Thus, just pick what works best for you and pour out your feelings.

Do share this article with anyone else you know who may be struggling to confess their feelings.