13 Daily Healthy Habits That You Must Follow For A Healthy Lifestyle

Daily Healthy Habits

Life has become a never-ending marathon.

Everyone runs behind one or the other things throughout their life.

Irrespective of the age group we belong to, we all have a search which appears never-ending in all aspects.

The race of life

Sometimes, we keep running the race of life without even knowing the destination to reach.

However, even people who know their destination feel exhausted halfway through. There are a wide variety of reasons for the exhaustion.

The dissatisfaction and mental pressure that life throws on us every now and then, causes a huge impact to our health.

According to a survey, 80% of the world's population experiences the issues related to mental pressure and emotional outbursts (Source).

While few overcome it with ease, there are many who find it difficult to get out of the pressurizing issues that cause turmoil in their life.

This makes life a miserable one causing troubles every minute that passes by.

The happy news is that this can be changed within a jiffy, if only the concerned makes some changes to their lifestyle.

Healthy Habits make Healthy Lifestyle

The first step towards changing our life to a positive direction from the negative one it is traversing is by changing our habits that cause this.

Always remember, your habits decides who you are.

Healthy habits can only reproduce healthy lifestyle. Nothing else can help you in this!

Hence, Life can never be changed unless something we do every day undergoes a good change.

To be more specific, bringing about changes in the bad habits we possess brings about major positive changes in our life.

Reading through the biographies of famous personalities will make us understand how their positive habits helped them reach the heights they were or are in.

Moreover, you can also see many common habits that they followed. 

There are no doubts that implementing these will bring a good transformation to your life as well.

13 Healthy Habits for a better life

Let us understand in detail some healthy habits that can make your life much better than it is today.

Go through the list and let us know if these were helpful to you. Let's start!

1. Learn to Smile

This might appear as the most simple tip to follow unless reality strikes it down through its whims and fancies.

Smiling when everything is in our favour is no big deal.

However, smiling when things go wrong can be a tough thing to do.


Why would one smile when things go wrong unless they are mentally unstable?

Though this appears to be a logical question, smiling when things are not in your favor helps your mental faculties remain healthy.

Consciously practice smiling when you sail in rough waters. This will drive away the stress you might have experienced and also turning your life a better one to live.

2. Be grateful for what have

Make a list of blessings that life has bestowed on you.

Ensure you go through the list every morning spending at least 15 to 20 minutes of your precious time.

On a given day, you might have a huge financial trouble to face. Go through the list which would have pointers about the good acquaintances you have.

Be Grateful

This will motivate you to face the financial issue at hand in a confident manner.

Remember, someone worrying about losing a leg must feel happy that they have one more left for their use.

3. Aloofness makes you sober

Yes, It is good to be away from people who emit negative vibrations.

However, it is not good to keep away from people who spread positive vibes.

Ensure you connect with people who have a positive attitude towards life and relationships.


When you keep away from positive people, negativity takes over your mental stature.

The aloofness you create for yourself makes you think about unwanted things. This, in turn, takes a toll on your physical, emotional and psychological health.

Connect with good people in set periodicity.

Hug all those who are in need of the same like you and allow your close ones to hug you so you feel better.

4. Meditation improves quality

Meditation has been the buzzword of the modern society.

More and more people are moving towards Yoga and Meditation either out of force or out of realization about the truth.

Roughly, 200 to 500 million people practice meditation throughout the world (Source). 


By meditation, we do not refer to what the yester-year's sages performed in a rigorous manner.

Fix a time you are comfortable with. Sit in the place of your comfort. Close your eyes.

Forcefully and consciously push out all the thoughts that make an entry into your mind.

Listen to the sounds in the environment. The chirping birds, oozing winds and trees sound have more powers than you actually think.

With these, feel the climate around you and notice how your breath travels in and out.

Meditation is one of those healthy habits that definitely lead to a better life.

5. Constant learning clarifies

Thirst for learning is one of those things that take you away from the hassles of day to day life.

The terminology learning does not imply reading a voluminous book.

Develop the habit of reading small chunks of material every day. This may be in the form of daily newspapers or the monthly magazines you order.

Constant Learning

Develop the habit of learning from dependable value-adding online resources.

Learning enhances knowledge in multiple ways making you focus on productive issues.

Learning keeps you away from unhealthy thought processes improving the quality of your life by multi-fold levels.

6. Breakfast matters the most

Many among us have the casual attitude of skipping breakfast. This is one of the worst habits people can cultivate in the whole of their lifetime.

Remember, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. In contrast, breakfast is also the most ignored meal of the day as well.

Never Miss Breakfast


Nearly, 3.1 million US people skipped breakfast as per a research in 2011 (Source). This was about 10 per cent of the American population then. 

Wondering what's the situation now?

A healthy breakfast is not all your scrambled eggs, bread toasts or sandwiches. 

Healthy breakfast refers to way more than just that.

When you skip your breakfast, you skip good health.

Skipping breakfast has a negative impact on all aspects of one's health both physically and mentally.

Ensure you have a sumptuous 'HEALTHY' breakfast every day on time. This one major healthy habit will safeguard you from many medical issues you suffer from.

7. Water purifies your physical body

Water is that magic potion present all over our body. 

Yes, upto 60 per cent of your body is water.

Let's jump into specifics to make you realize why water is very important to you.

Drink Water

Your brain and heart comprise 73 per cent of water, 83 per cent of lungs is water, Skin has 64 per centMuscles and Kidneys have 79 per cent and even bones have 31 per cent water (Source). 

Most of the parts in our body are dependent on this magic liquid for their optimal performance.

Many among us fail to take in as much water as we need to consume on a day to day basis.

Quick tip - Get into the habit of drinking at least 2.5 to 3 liters of water every day depending on your Body Mass Index.

Drinking water in its original state is one of the best healthy habits that can do miracles to your health.

8. Use Nutrients for nourishment

Minerals and Vitamins are essential aspects of human health.

It is not mandatory that the food items we consume every day must provide the necessary levels of nutrients to our body.

Many times, despite avoiding junk foods and eating healthy homemade foods, we lack in essential nutrients. This makes us feel weak most of the time.


Cultivate the habit of consuming Vitamin supplements once a day after consulting with your physician who can guide you in the appropriate manner.

9. Dental care takes care

Wondering what dental care has got to do with good quality life?

It is not enough if our external looks are attractive. Things will topple down if our oral health repels people away from us.

Oral health and oral hygiene play a crucial role in leading a better life.

Dental Care

It is very bad to state that More than 40 per cent of children are affected by tooth decay before they get into Kindergartens (Source). 

And adults, 1 in 4 have no teeth at all by 65 years (Source).

Our mouth acts as the information broadcast system pertaining to our internal health including that of the heart and stomach.

Brush your teeth a minimum of two times a day. Floss once a day.

Make periodic visits to your dentist.

Remember, toothache or cavity can be one of those painful aspects which are capable of making life miserable.

10. Time management is life management

Most of us feel stressed out when we run out of time.

Understanding the difference between what is urgent and what is important will solve many issues we encounter in our day to day life.

Simply reacting to urgent issues every now and then can keep you in a state of panic at all points of time.

Time Management

Instead, learn to be proactive.

Being proactive is one of the healthy habits that can help you plan things well in advance.

The resultant stress-free experience will help you live a better quality life than the one you are leading now.

11. Quality sleep solves all the problems

The right amount of sleep helps you manage your life in the best possible manner.

Sleep deprivation is the major cause of many health ailments.

It is not a good thing to hear that 97 per cent of teenagers do not get in to the habit of sleeping for the recommended time period (Source). 

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep or rather lack of enough sleep does not only cause physical drain but also affect the mental status of a person.

Our mental health experience high levels of stress when one lacks sleep that is required for basic sustenance.

Sleeping for a minimum of seven hours is one of those healthy habits which can save you from psychological and emotional havocs.

Hence, Sleep well to experience a better life.

12. What you eat matters

Parties and get together can always attract you towards food items that may not be good to your health.

Avoid going in for junk foods that destroy your digestive system over an extended period of time.

Ensure you consume more of fruits and green vegetables at all points of time.

Eat Healthy

Go in for food items that remove the toxin accumulation in your body.

Fresh fruits and green vegetables add immense value to your overall health helping you enjoy a better life in the best possible manner.

13. Walk and Exercise

This might appear simple and usual advice.

However, walking a few thousand steps a day and exercising helps a lot in turning an unhealthy life into a healthy one very easily.

Fix a time for walking and exercising. DO NOT compromise this time for anything else.


These are those crucial minutes that will provide you with the energy to withstand the turmoil you need to face or faced the whole day.

Walking and Exercising in a regular manner will add immense value to the quality of life you experience.

Also, if possible, get in touch with your Physical Trainer to understand the set of exercises that would specifically suit your requirements.

Follow it and you will see the difference.

The Bottom Line

As pointed out by Aristotle,

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.

Betterment of life cannot be a fairy-tale magic.

When we want to live a life that is better than what it was earlier, changing the bad habits we were used to is the ONLY solution.

Healthy habits transform your life into a positive one bringing about overall changes in you as a whole.

Let us start practising healthy habits so we can live a better life than what we experienced earlier.

Also, Feel free to share the habits that you follow personally for an improved quality lifestyle in the section below and let it be our extra points.

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