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Bretman Rock Ab Workout – ‘ABSolutely Not Workout’ For Toned Abs

Bretman Rock Ab Workout – ‘ABSolutely Not Workout’ For Toned Abs

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A wise mind once uttered, 

‘Results are created outside your comfort zone.’

The statement holds true when fitness goals are concerned.

Your desired shape awaits you on the other side of the burn. All you need is the right energy and the ‘I’ll leave no stone unturned’ kind of motivation.

Well, in the age of perfect shapes and chiseled abs, you have everything, starting from the right equipment and enough money to blow up on those expensive gym sessions. What you do not have is someone to look up to.

Bretman Rock ab workout, therefore, is that feather on your crowning wish that will lead you to the top of your fitness game.

The young achiever from the heart of the Hawaiian Islands has emerged as the heartthrob of millions of fitness aspirants.

A global persona, a social media sensation, a beauty icon, and a fitness freak, Bretman wears many hats.

And with his wit and sense of humor, he rules showbiz for all the right reasons.

In this article, we present to you the diversity of Bretman Rock and delve a little deeper into his unique ab workout series.

To help you, we have mentioned the jump links to the different sections of this post to easily navigate.

Who Is Bretman Rock?

Who Is Bretman Rock
Who Is Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga A.K.A Bretman Rock is a leading name in the world of modern-day social media sensations.

This Philippines-originated beauty and lifestyle influencer started his career quite early in his teenage. 

In 2015, he stole the social media limelight with his unique makeup and contouring videos. Since then, there was no turning back for Bretman Rock. Today, his YouTube videos easily cross the 1M mark within just a few days.

Apart from being the beauty and makeup trendsetter, Bretman Rock is also quite famous for his chiseled and sleek physique.

His popular ‘Bretman Rock Ab Workout,’ preferably called the ‘ABSolutely Not Workout’ is an elaborate account of abdominal health and body fitness.

However, Bretman himself claims that he is not a professional fitness trainer. Instead, he only shares his workout and fitness regime as he has been into sports all his life and earned loads of fitness training from his past trainers.

Bretman Rock’s Social Media Profiles And Brands

Bretman Rock Social Media Profiles and Brands
Bretman Rock Social Media Profiles and Brands

Being a 24 years old content creator based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Bretman Rock has earned immense popularity among his innumerable fans with his quirky yet fun content.

As a result of his unapologetic candidness, uninhibited charm, athletic body, and over-the-top makeup, he has garnered a whole new group of fans across the globe.

Here is a brief account of the social media profiles and websites of Bretman Rock and his collaborations with other brands.

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What Is Bretman Rock Ab Workout?

What Is Bretman Rock Ab Workout
What Is Bretman Rock Ab Workout

Toning your abdominal muscles is one of the most crucial parts of ensuring a healthy and fit body.

And we have covered a lot of articles in the post that addresses this. Along the same lines as Daisy Keech’s Ab Workouts for an hourglass figure which we covered in the past, Bretman Rock Abs Workout can do wonders if you perform them correctly if you wish to achieve well-structured abs.

Before getting deeper into the nuances of Bretman’s ab workout, let us scratch through the surface.

Bretman Rock workout defines a set of exercise rituals that assures a healthy yet sleek and toned abdominal shape. Predominantly, these ab workouts target your upper abs, lower abs, oblique muscles, and intercostals.

Bretman calls this ab workout the ‘Abs-olutely Not Workout’, and explains it in a 10-minute-long tutorial video available on his YouTube channel.

The series of exercises in the ab workout set includes basic crunches, planks, and scissors, along with some other workouts that target your belly like no other.

The pattern is a 20-40-60 cycle to be performed with a 30 seconds interval after each cycle.

Following are the ab workouts covered in Bretman Rock’s ab workout.

  • Crunch – 20 reps
  • V-Sit Crunch – 40 reps
  • Elbow Plank – 60 seconds 
  • 30 seconds rest
  • Plank with side-to-side hip dips – 20 reps
  • Mountain climbers – 40 reps
  • Scissors kicks – 60 reps
  • 30 seconds rest
  • Reverse crunch – 20 reps
  • Toe-touch crunch – 40 reps
  • Hollow hold – 60 seconds (keep your feet 6 inches above the ground)

We will cover the workouts step-by-step in detail in the coming sections.

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Prerequisites To Bretman Rock Ab Workout


Bretman Rock has covered his uniquely curated ab workout regime in the form of an easy-to-follow YouTube video tutorial.

He named the video ‘3 EASY Workouts to Look Cute‘ and the ab workout starts at 9:18 minutes.

The video consists of the above-mentioned abdominal workout series that you can try at home.

However, the ABSolutely Not Workout video also includes a set of prerequisite exercise regimes that one should perform to get better results. This regime focuses on your daily muscle exercises, cardio, chest workouts, and stretching.

Here is a brief account of the ABSolutely Not Workout video.


He uses a long PVC pipe to do the stretching by holding it with both arms and flipping the pipe over his head back and forth. You can stretch differently and concentrate on specific muscle groups based on your requirement.

Chest Workout

The video explains the core-engaging chest workouts as an essential prerequisite for Bretman ab workout.

Following are the 4 chest exercises that you need to perform repeating each exercise 10 times and with a 15 seconds interval. 

Each of the 4 sets must have a 2-minute gap in-between.

  • Regular pushups 
  • Diamond pushups 
  • Spider pushups
  • 3 seconds’ hold pushups

Jumping To Conclusions

In the video, you can see a timelapse of the cardio part of the whole tutorial, which Bretman Rock addressed as the ‘Jumping to conclusions.’

All you need is a jump rope for this.

  • 10 minutes jump rope (challenge your strength with 3 burpees every time you miss)
  • 1-minute double-under (you can also try single-under instead)

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ABSolutely Not Workout

ABSolutely Not Workout
ABSolutely Not Workout

In this section of the video, Bretman mentions the above-mentioned abdominal muscle workouts along with a quick montage of every workout.

He mentioned a 30-second break after each 20-40-60 cycle. However, he also suggested that you can plug in more breaks in between if you need to. 

In the following sections, we will explore these Bretman Rock’s ab workout in more elaborate ways. 

Here is the link to the video for your reference from Bretman’s YouTube channel.

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What You Need To Do Bretman Rock Ab Workout

What You Need to Do Bretman Rock Ab Workout
What You Need to Do Bretman Rock Ab Workout

Bretman Rock ab workout is a set of freehand workouts that require no extra equipment.

You can perform them right at home and with a simple workout setup.

Here is all you need to do Absolutely not workout.

Workout Mat

It is a piece of utmost essential equipment to perform your workouts the right way. A bare floor might not give you the required friction that a workout mat can provide.

Workout Costume

Your flexibility majorly depends on the workout outfit that you choose.

If they are too tight, then your stretches will not be as much effective. Spandex outfits with the required amount of body-hugging features are perfect for ab workouts.

Jump Rope

This equipment is directly not required during the ABSolutely not workout, but you need it for cardio.

As Bretman suggests, you need the jump rope for doing the double-under exercises.

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How To Do Bretman Rock Ab Workout

How To Do Bretman Rock Ab Workout
How To Do Bretman Rock Ab Workout

The Bretman’s ‘ABSolutely not workout’ comprises a series of abdominal exercises that you can perform at home.

However, if you are wondering how to do the Bretman Rock ab workout, here is the step-by-step guide.

1. 20 Crunches

The first step is the basic crunch exercise.

Many of you who go to the gym are quite aware of the method to perform crunches. Here are the steps.

  • Lay flat on your back on the floor.
  • Keep your knees bent and neck relaxed.
  • Place your arms under your neck.
  • Pull your head off the floor while engaging your abdomen.
  • Inhale and exhale simultaneously as you do the repeats.
  • Take a 10 seconds break.

Here is our detailed article specifically on crunches and their variations.

2. 40 V-Sit Crunches

In-and-out exercises are common for health and fitness enthusiasts out there.

Here are the simple steps to do the workout.

  • Sit on the floor and bend backward at 45 degrees.
  • Put your hands back on the floor for support as you sit on your tailbone.
  • Pull off your legs from the floor straight upward.
  • While in the air, bend your knees in and stretch them out.
  • Keep repeating the pose 40 times on the go.
  • Rest for 10 seconds.

3. 60 Second Elbow Planks

This is the classic plank workout that you know if you have been into a workout regime before.

If you are a beginner, here are the steps.

  • Lay straight upside down.
  • Pull up your body with elbow support.
  • Keep your legs straight and support the lifted body with your toes.
  • Engage your hamstrings and glutes to keep your butt lifted.
  • Breathe in and out as you count 60 seconds.
  • Take 30 seconds to break after this workout.

4. 20 Planks with Side-to-Side Hip Dips

Side-to-side planks are yet another popular and effective abdominal workout.

Here are the steps you need to follow to perform the workout.

  • Lay flat upside down.
  • On your elbows, lift your body.
  • With your legs straight support your lower body on your toes.
  • Now, dip your hips on each side towards the floor as much as you can.
  • Engage your core and oblique muscles to do side planks.
  • Repeat 20 times counting both sides together as one.
  • Take 10 minutes break.

5. 40 Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers define the posture that appears as if you are trying to climb up the mountains. 

Here are the steps to the workout.

  • Keep your face down towards the floor.
  • Support your body on your arms on the ground.
  • Keep your body lifted with straight legs and toe support.
  • Now, bend each knee upward posing as mountain climbers.
  • Engage your lower abs while doing the pose.
  • Repeat 40 times followed by 10 minutes break.

6. 60 Scissor Kicks

Scissors are basic abdominal exercises that you might have practiced in your gym sessions. However, here are the steps. 

  • Lay flat on your back.
  • Stretch your arms straight down on the floor.
  • Lift your legs straight up in the air in an alternative manner.
  • While doing the scissors keep your lower back stuck to the floor.
  • Do the exercise engaging your abs.
  • Repeat 60 times counting scissors with both legs as one.

7. 20 Reverse Crunches

After another 30 seconds interval, it’s time for the leg raises. This is a simple abdominal workout.

Here are the steps to do it.

  • Lay flat on your back and keep the lower back stuck to the floor.
  • Stretch your arms straight downwards on the ground.
  • Pull your toes off the floor and bend them up towards your head.
  • Roll your butt up and lift from the ground while raising the legs.
  • Do the exercise 20 times on the go.
  • Rest for 10 seconds.

8. 40 Toe Touch Crunches

Toe touch is a derivative of classic crunches. It is simple and effective for your lower abs.

Here are the steps to do toe-touch crunches.

  • Lay straight on your back.
  • Pull your legs off the ground.
  • Stretch them upwards while stretching out your arms upwards as well.
  • Try and lift your shoulders as you touch your feet with your hands.
  • Keep your legs straight and your lower back stuck to the floor.
  • Repeat 40 times.
  • Take a 10-second break.

9. 60 Second 6 Inches or Hollow Hold

This is the final workout of the ABSolutely Not Workout series by Bretman Rock.

This is a tricky exercise, and here are the steps to do it.

  • Lay flat on your back on the floor.
  • Rest your hands straight down each side.
  • Try and pull your legs off the floor 6 inches up.
  • Hold it for 60 seconds as your keep your lower back stuck to the ground.
  • Breathe in and out steadily as you engage your core.

Rest your whole body after this one.

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Benefits Of Bretman Rock Ab Workout

Benefits of Bretman Rock Ab Workout
Benefits of Bretman Rock Ab Workout

Bretman Rock’s ab workout is a complete workout regime for abdominal muscle building.

Here are some of the benefits of Bretman Rock ab workout.

  • It is the perfect workout to build your core strength.
  • You can see visible results quite soon if you perform the workouts the right way.
  • Apart from ensuring core abdominal strength, it also helps to tone your abs, both upper and lower.
  • You can achieve that chiseled and sleek abdominal structure within a few weeks.
  • The ab workout follows a set of cardio and stretching exercises to ensure the perfect warmup.
  • It allows a holistic fitness routine to achieve an athletic body.

Drawbacks Of Bretman Rock Ab Workout

Drawbacks of Bretman Rock Ab Workout
Drawbacks of Bretman Rock Ab Workout

Like every other workout regime, Bretman Rock ab workout also has a small set of drawbacks that you need to consider.

Here we list some of them.

  • These workouts have extensive repeats.
  • These are intense core strengthening workouts that might not be appropriate for beginner-level fitness aspirants.
  • If you have medical conditions like asthma or heart problems, then Bretman Rock ab workout might not suit you.

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Is Bretman Rock Ab Workout Worth The Hype?

Is Bretman Rock Ab Workout Worth the Hype
Is Bretman Rock Ab Workout Worth the Hype

Bretman Rock ab workout has emerged as a sensational fitness regime among many health-conscious people across the world.

The workout series consists of a host of simple yet repetitive abdominal exercises that one can easily practice at home.

However, many pro-level fitness experts have come out and mentioned this ab workout to be a tough one as it causes acute muscle cramps, initially. But if you can manage to overcome the initial hurdles, then the results are pretty amazing.

His ABSolutely Not Workout is an intense take on gaining abdominal strength while toning and shaping up your stomach. 

This 10-minute-long exercise with regular intervals, help with your posture and aesthetic beauty as well. The best part of this ab workout is that it includes both dynamic body movements and regular intervals for muscle regeneration. 

Hence, the much-discussed Bretman Rock ab workout is worth the hype, despite the initial burning of your core muscles.

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Bretman Rock Ab Workout – Before And After

Bretman Rock Ab Workout – Before and After
Bretman Rock Ab Workout – Before and After

Certainly, several fitness enthusiasts have tried Bretman Rock ABSolutely Not Workout and came out with positive results. 

However, Bretman Rock, himself has mentioned that he is not a professional fitness trainer, and this is just the workout regime that he follows. 

Many people tried his 8 minutes long Absolutely Not Workout challenge and mentioned on record that their abs started burning after a few minutes. This is because their core strengths were not enough to bear with the intense workout before. 

After trying the Bretman ab workout for a few days, they stated that their abdominal muscles got firm, and they could get through the workout more seamlessly without hustling. And many people also recorded their abs conditions before and after 2 weeks of doing Bretman’s ab workout.

Besides that, several people also stated that this workout has enhanced their postures and structural beauty while helping them achieve toned abs.

Here is some video evidence from those who tried Bretman Rock’s workout.

1. Chucky Hits‘s Results

2. Rafael‘s Results

3. Renaa‘s Results

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LiveOsumly Reviews Bretman Rock Ab Workout

LiveOsumly Reviews Bretman Rock Ab Workout
LiveOsumly Reviews Bretman Rock Ab Workout

I, as a fitness fascinator myself, tried the Bretman Rock Ab Workout challenge for 2 consecutive weeks, to see the results myself.

I tuned in to his YouTube video and tried the 8 minutes long ABSolutely not workout schedule. So, here is the LiveOsumly review of the Bretman Rock ab workout.

Initially, it was a tough run as my core was not strong enough to perform the intense workouts.

For the first couple of days, I could hardly finish the whole set. 

My muscles started getting tired during the second exercise, V-Sit crunches, and I had to take multiple breaks. 

As the days went further, I could spot visible changes in my upper and lower abs, and the muscles started getting firmer.

By the 5th day, my body got quite familiar with the ab workout routine, and within 2 weeks, it did what it had promised.

What I Liked About Bretman Rock Ab Workout

  • It was a fast-paced workout that I didn’t take much time to finish.
  • Simple and easy to practice at home.
  • It started toning my abdominal muscles.
  • It also improved my posture and back strength.
  • The workout needs no such extensive equipment.
  • I could modify my routine by plugging in multiple breaks.

What I Didn’t Like About Bretman Rock Ab Workout

  • The video didn’t show a complete workout run-through with a timer.
  • The pace was quite fast for a beginner like me.
  • It does not provide audible instructions while doing the workouts.

Finally, Bretman’s ABSolutely Not Workout is an intense yet fun set of ab workouts that I thoroughly enjoyed trying out.

And I would recommend this workout to any individual who wants to build his/her core strength while toning the abs.

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How To Include Bretman Rock’s Ab Workout In Your Workout Routine?

How To Include In Your Workout Routine
How To Include In Your Workout Routine

Doing this workout alone will not possibly give you the required result.

In the video, Bretman Rock has mentioned some prerequisite cardio, stretching, pushups, and upper body workouts.

However, the Bretman Rock’s ab workout does not take loads of time, but you need to understand when and how you can incorporate it into your daily workout schedule.

Include Stretches to Your Target Muscles

As the video by Bretman Rock states – You should incorporate some simple yet effective stretching exercises beforehand.

It will help with the muscle flexibility that will be essential later on. 

You can work on your target muscles on specific days, such as arms, chest, etc.

Add Cardio Before Doing Ab Workouts

Cardio is essential for any sort of intense workout regime.

You must include some cardio sessions to warm up your muscles and enhance blood flow.

In the video, Bretman suggested jump rope. However, you can incorporate cardio based on your preferences.

Do Upper Body Workouts 

Bretman ABSolutely not workout essentially targets your lower abdominal parts. Therefore, you need to practice some upper body workouts before sliding into it. 

This will even out your workout schedule and help with your whole-body fitness.

Get Used to the Pace

If you are a beginner, then you must slow down and take several breaks between the ab workouts.

Otherwise, you will end up with muscle fatigue that will not have the time to recover.

It means your workouts will not show the anticipated results.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line
The Bottom Line

To conclude, we can say that the Bretman Rock ab workout works perfectly to ensure your abdominal muscle fitness. This quick ab workout consists of a series of simple exercises that target your core structure and strengthens your lower abs, glutes, oblique muscles, and intercostals. 

If you identify yourself as a fitness fascinator who wants to achieve a sleek and athletic body along with chiseled abs, you must try out Bretman Rock’s ABSolutely not workout.

The routine is simple and fast, and you will spot visible results sooner.

So, take a moment to go through the steps and nuances before diving into the 8-minute-long ab workout routine.

Remember, the more you burn now, the more you flaunt in the future.

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What is Bretman Rock’s real name?

Many people do not know the real name of Bretman Rock. His full name is Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga. He is a Filipino by birth and a 24 years old showbiz sensation.

Where was Bretman Rock born?

Bretman Rock was born on 31st July 1998, in the Cagayan Valley in the Philippines. When Bretman was 7 years old, his family shifted to Hawaii Island. He was raised by his mother Mercedita Sacayanan.

Is Bretman Rock vegan?

No, Bretman Rock is not a vegan. He follows a balanced diet plan that includes beacons, whole grain bread, salads, sandwiches, chicken, rice, noodles, ground beef, etc. His food choices have the flavors of the Philippines. 

How many times should I do Bretman Rocks ab workout?

You can do Bretman Rocks ab workout once during your daily workout sessions. It is a simple 8-minute ab workout regime that will not take too much of your time. You can end your workout routines with this ab exercise set.

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