7 Best Beginners Kettlebell Workouts For Women

Best Kettlebell Exercises For Women

Kettlebells have evolved from being completely old-school to one of the best tools to tone and sculpt our body quickly.

The results of a study estimated that a 20-minute workout with kettlebell burns 20.2 calories every minute (Source).

This calories burning is equal to running at a pace of 6 minutes per mile.

The study states that the only other activity that burns calories proportionate to kettlebell exercises is cross country skiing uphill at a fast pace. 

Why should Women use Kettlebells?

Why Should Women Use Kettlebells

As you can see, Kettlebell exercises offer dynamic and potent results.

Hence, following it regularly every day provides numerous benefits.

But, why are kettlebell workouts more important for women?

Here is our detailed answer to this most frequently asked question.

In fact, one can say that kettlebell exercises serve women more than men.  

Here are the top benefits of training with kettlebells for women.

1. Increases Anaerobic Power

One Study by a group of researchers at the University of Saskatchewan in 2015 found that lifting kettlebells enhanced the anaerobic power capacity (Source).

But, what is anaerobic power?

It is the one which we use for our high-energy and fast movements during exercises.

Anaerobic power aids in speed, power and building new muscle tissue for quick muscle recovery.

As a matter of fact, Kettlebell workouts become a solution as women tend to be quite slow in terms of post-workout recovery. 

2. Increases Strength without getting bulk

Women who are conscious about fitness always focus on building strength without gaining muscles.

Kettlebell training helps maintain a slim appearance without bulking but enhances strength.

Training with kettlebells increases the amount of lean muscle tissue (Source) which in turn increases your strength still maintaining the hour-glass structure. 

3. Gets rid of excess body fat

One of our common fitness goals is to lose the belly fat, thigh fat and arm fat.

Practising high-intensity kettlebell exercises regularly results in an increased metabolism rate of the body.

And the resulting decrease in body fat percentage helps you achieve your dream flat stomach sooner along with toning your arms and thighs. 

4. Prevents Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis refers to the weakening of bones.

It is estimated that about 10 million Americans suffer from Osteoporosis out of which about 8 million are women. So, you see that this is 80 per cent of the cases.

And, one in two women over the age of 50 years will break a bone because of Osteoporosis. (Source)

Ever wondered why Osteoporosis is very common in women?

The single-out reason is Menopause.

As women age and undergo Menopause, the level of the female sex hormone (Estrogen) decline.

This decline accounts for the main reason for Osteoporosis.

Kettlebell lifting, therefore, is very important for women to prevent Osteoporosis as it adds strength to the bones.

5. Gets out of boredom exercise routines

Kettlebell exercises offer you the opportunity to learn new body movements.

Get over those routine and boring circuit and split-body workouts in the gym and give the kettlebell exercises a try.

The learning curve is going to take days.

But the end results that include strength gain and endurance boost is definitely worth the days spent. 

6. Saves time

Most kettlebell exercises for women are a combination of cardio and strength.

Moreover, they are high-intensity intense body workouts.

As women, we are busy most of the day.

Therefore, kettlebell exercises are the ideal options as it takes just 15 to 20 minutes every day. 

This is just enough to work every muscle groups in your body in and out efficiently. 

Best Kettlebell Workouts for Women

Best Kettlebell Workouts For Women

There are few things to consider while opting for the best kettlebell that will work best for you. 

Once you have chosen the right kettlebell that suits you, you can follow these kettlebell workouts listed specifically for women at Beginners experience levels.

Focus on perfect form during the kettlebell moves as it will yield the optimum results.

But as a recommendation, target 3-5 sets of 10-30 repetitions while training.

So, everything is set to perfect now.

Let’s now hop on and give our muscles some work using kettlebells.

1. Two-Arm Kettlebell Row


Back, Arms, Shoulders

Difficulty Level:


How to do Two-Arm Kettlebell Row:

  • Spread your feet shoulder-width apart and place two kettlebells between your feet.
  • Bend your knees and push your butt out as much as possible and bend over. This marks your starting position.
  • Now, Grab the two kettlebells and pull them to your stomach as you retract your shoulder blades and bending your elbows.
  • Repeat.

Key Points:

  • Don’t bend your back. Keep it straight throughout the workout.

Sets and Repetitions:

4 sets with 12 repetitions for each set.

2. Kettlebell Russian Twist


Abs, Obliques

Difficulty Level: 


How to do Kettlebell Russian Twist:

  • Sit down with one kettlebell in your side.
  • Bend your legs slightly with the feet still flat on the ground. This will help you balance your weight as you twist in the following step.
  • Let the shoulders and back be straight, chin up and turn to the side and grab the kettlebell.
  • Hold the kettlebell in front of you and tighten your core.
  • Twist side to side slowly and steadily with the kettlebell going up and over.
  • Repeat.

Key Points:

  • Don’t bend your back and hunch over. Bending your back is going to do more harm to you than any good.

Sets and Repetitions:

4 sets with 12 twist repetitions on each side for each set.

3. Kettlebell Slingshot



Difficulty Level: 


How to do Kettlebell Slingshot:

  • Hold the kettlebell in front of you with your knees slightly bent.
  • Keep your hips steady, tighten your core and take the kettlebell around your body behind you.
  • Transfer the kettlebell to the other arm and bring the kettlebell around your body to the front and transfer it again to the other arm.
  • Do this 10 times in the clockwise direction.
  • As you complete, reverse your direction and perform 10 times in that direction.

Key Points:

  • As you transfer the kettlebell to the other arm from behind and in the front, do not alter the height at which you are holding it. Try to keep the kettlebell at the exact same height.

Sets and Repetitions:

4 sets with 10 around-the-body pass in the clockwise direction and 10 around-the-body pass in the counter-clockwise direction for each set.

4. Kettlebell Goblet Squat


Glutes, Quads

Difficulty Level: 


How to do Kettlebell Goblet Squat:

  • Grab the kettlebell by the sides of the handle and hold it in front of your chest.
  • Holding the kettlebell let your elbows point straight down. This marks your starting position and is called the Goblet position.
  • Squat down by lowering your hips and butt as much down as possible.
  • Now lift your hips up and go back to the Goblet position.
  • Repeat.

Key Points:

  • Don’t bend your spine. Keep it vertically straight.
  • While squatting, don’t rest your elbows on top your knees. Instead, bring the elbows inside your knees.
  • Don’t raise your feet and toes while squatting. Place them flat on the floor. 

Sets and Repetitions:

4 sets with 12 repetitions for each set.

5. Kettlebell Lunge Press


Shoulders, Back, Abs, Glutes, Legs and Hips

Difficulty Level: 


How to do Kettlebell Lunge Press:

  • Stand straight and hold a kettlebell by its handle.
  • Lunge one of your legs forward, bend the knees and lift the kettlebell over your head simultaneously.
  • Raise and come back to starting position.
  • Repeat.

Key Points:

  • Don’t lean your front knee over your shin. Make sure that the shin is vertical and straight.
  • Also, be mindful of the front foot grounded on the floor.

Sets and Repetitions:

4 sets with 12 repetitions in each leg for each set.

6. Kettlebell Deadlift


Hips, Hamstrings, Glutes, and Back

Difficulty Level: 


How to do Kettlebell Deadlift:

  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart and kettlebell in between your feet.
  • Lock your Abs in and sit back in your hips and grab the kettlebell by its handle.
  • Push your shoulders down towards your hips and hold the kettlebell firmly.
  • Stand up nice and straight through your heels and come back down in the same momentum.
  • Repeat.

Key Points:

  • Don’t bend your spine. Let it be straight, with your glutes squeezed in and quads tight.

Sets and Repetitions:

4 Sets with 12 Repetitions for each set.

7. Kettlebell Single-Arm Deadlift


Glutes, Hamstrings and Back

Difficulty Level: 


How to do Kettlebell Single-Arm Deadlift:

  • Place your feet flat on the ground slightly more than your shoulder-width apart with the kettlebell just in front of your toes.
  • With your back flat (Glutes, Spines, Shoulders in line and straight) and chest up, reach down and grab the kettlebell by its handle.
  • Now, load your heels, hamstrings and back, snap your hips in, stand tall to pull kettlebell.
  • Lower down till the kettlebell is very close to the ground but not touching it. As a beginner, it is all good even if you get the kettlebell to touch the floor.
  • Repeat.

Key Points:

  • Don’t bend your back.
  • As you raise and stand, don’t lean behind. That will hurt your spine. Just rise to stand perfectly straight.
  • Don’t use the arms to lift the kettlebell. It is just going to hold the kettlebell and stay straight throughout the workout.

Sets and Repetitions:

4 sets with 10 repetitions on each side for each set.

The Bottom Line

Kettlebell Workouts For Women - The Bottom Line

As said, the above-mentioned kettlebell workouts are very easier to do.

Therefore, these exercises can be followed by women who are in their beginning stages of weight training.

If you would like to level up further, we are currently working for the Intermediates and Advanced Kettlebell Workouts for women which must be posted very soon.

You may follow those as you had spent a few weeks training these beginner workouts and get fully comfortable.

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