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About Us

LiveOsumly is a one-stop destination for all your fitness and wellness needs - be it a workout, health care or mental well-being.

Our mission is to encourage our readers to have a healthier lifestyle by staying fit both physically and mentally.

WHY did we start LIVEOSUMLY?

With the growing technology, we are becoming slaves to mere gadgets.

We don't need to run errands anymore, we can get everything done with just a single click on our smartphones and computers.

On one hand, these tech inventions are making our life easier but on the other hand, it's making us lazier which, in turn, impacts our physical health.

Meanwhile, with the various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, the word 'Relationship' is losing its real meaning.

With this, we are getting close to virtual people and going away from the people around us.

This is, therefore, spoiling our mental well-being.

Totally, we are so engrossed in technology that we have forgotten how to live.

Yes, with these huffs and puffs of life, we lose track of ourselves.

We should accept the fact that we have taken something called 'Healthy Lifestyle' very carelessly.

Hence, we decided to launch LiveOsumly as a platform to help you with your daily routine needs to keep your body ultimately fit through Yoga asanas, fitness workouts, wellness tips and relationship advices.

'Your Body Is The Temple Of Soul' - It had been long since we forgot this verse.

We should treat our physical body like a temple, instead, how do we treat it as?

We will leave it for you to answer and you will surely realize that creating LiveOsumly was indeed the best decision by us.

Individuals with a healthy mind and a fit body will not just live longer, but also lead a quality life filled with happiness and peace.

We know that this is a competitive niche for us but we truly believe that we will be a household name in the near future through our quality articles.

Appreciate us when we helped you and correct us when we are wrong.

We can flourish only through your support!